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滑倒事故s in Phoenix, AZ

在滑倒或跌倒后,你采取的步骤会极大地影响到你能得到什么样的赔偿. 这个补偿可以帮助你支付因跌倒而产生的任何医疗费用. 事故发生后,你必须立即就医, then contact a qualified Phoenix slip and fall injury lawyer.

If you experienced a slip and fall injury, 正规赌篮球的软件在正规赌足球的软件富有同情心和侵略性的凤凰滑倒事故律师.

我们建议您在滑倒事故发生后72小时内就医. The sooner you get to a healthcare professional, the better. If you cannot make an appointment with your general practitioner, consider going to a walk-in clinic or to the emergency room.

Above all else, put your health first. 如果你在坠落中受了重伤,你可能不清楚,也可能不清楚. In order to avoid further damage to your body, a physician will provide appropriate care for your injuries. This is especially important if you sustained a head injury. 这些类型的损伤最初表现为非常常见的症状,比如头痛. As they worsen, they could cause brain damage. 如果你在滑倒事故后出现下列任何症状, seek medical help immediately.

  • Drowsiness/Excessive tiredness
  • 呕吐
  • 失眠

尽管大多数失手案件在上法庭之前就已经解决了,但仍有一些要上法庭. 因为这个原因, 重要的是,您要了解这些类型的情况的实际时间框架是什么样子的. The overall case length depends on many factors, and our experienced Phoenix attorneys will walk you through the process below.

Slip and fall cases can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. 是的,年. 这个时间线几乎完全取决于你的案子所涉及的确切情况.

Always seek medical treatment as your first step after a slip and fall. 为事故发生的区域准备详细的文件(笔记、图片和视频). 然后将你的事故报告提交给适当的一方,可以是房东、经理或业主. Always request an accident report copy before you leave.

Stay calm as best you can during this process. You may experience stress after a fall, especially after a severe one. 限制你对事故发生地负责财产的人说的话. Do not post the details of your fall on the Internet; do not give any statements to insurance companies, and do not place or accept any blame. Your Phoenix accident attorney should be the only one with the relevant details of your case.

在别人的财产上滑倒需要你证明别人对你的事故负有责任. 具体来说,财产所有者可能要对你所经历的任何损害或伤害负责. 在这些情况下证明错误有时很困难,所以您需要有经验的人 Phoenix premises liability attorney 站在你这边. 

Slip and fall accidents cause injuries such as hip fractures, 背部受伤, head injuries, and broken arms, wrists, or fingers. These accidents occur when individuals fall because of a slippery floor. The slippery substance could be caused by things such as water, 多余的水分, or other slick substances.


  • 责任:被告(你的案件的被告)拥有或操作你受伤的地方.
  • 疏忽:被告应该知道或确实知道危险情况.
  • 危险的情况: The condition was harmful, and not considered minor.
  • 损害赔偿例原告(在本案中是你)因危险伤害而受到伤害.

每一种情况都不同. While we cannot say concretely what your case is worth, 我们可以解释在评估你的案子时所考虑的一切. 下面,我们列出所有的因素,一个滑倒和跌倒伤害律师会考虑.

  • All present and future medical expenses
  • 痛苦和折磨
  • 工资损失
  • 盈利能力丧失
  • Incidental expenses (such as gas money to travel to doctors appointments)

According to the CDC, the 平均成本 associated with a slip and fall 是超过30000美元. Because this amount is so devastating to the average individual, 我们在正规赌足球的软件的律师会积极争取你应得的赔偿.

Immediately after falling in a store, you might be in a fog. 对于明显或模糊的伤口,应尽快就医. Identify whatever caused your fall, whether it was something on the floor, poorly maintained flooring, 甚至电线. 以详细描述的形式尽可能多地记录该领域. 记忆会随着时间的推移而褪色,所以尽可能快地记下你看到或感觉到的任何事情.

给该地区拍照和录像,甚至要求商店本身提供监控录像. 要求任何和所有目击事故或导致事故的条件的目击者提供联系信息. File an incident report with the store where the fall occurred. 最后, 联系经验丰富的凤凰滑倒事故律师,有一个人在你的一边照顾你的最佳利益. 由于这些情况非常详细,律师将帮助指导你通过过程.

根据司法部的数据,只有2%的失责案件进入了审判. Because you are an active part of the entire process, you have a say in whether or not your case will go to trial. If you are unsure about which path to take, an attorney experienced in personal injury litigation will help you decide.

在亚利桑那州,你在事故发生后最多有两年的时间来寻求赔偿. At first, you may wish to hold off on filing a claim. However, medical expenses can pile up over time. 提交报告后, 事故发生地的业主会尽量避免支付合理的赔偿, as will their insurance company. 

From the second your injury occurs, the two year clock is ticking down. 特别是如果你的伤势严重,请尽快联系律师. 一位经验丰富的亚利桑那州人身伤害律师知道正规赌篮球的软件滑倒和跌倒索赔的法律, and will keep an eye on the approaching statute of limitations date.

房屋责任索赔是指某人要求某一财产的所有人对该财产所引起的损害负责. 全国各地的每个业主都被要求为游客维护一个安全的环境. 如果业主没有达到这个标准,就会导致房屋责任. 下面,我们列出了除滑倒和跌倒事故外常见的房屋责任索赔.

  • 狗咬
  • 危险的财产
  • 维护不当
  • 疏忽的安全
  • 儿童在房屋内
  • 商店责任
  • 餐厅的责任

有过失,你 make an argument that a person owes you a duty of care. That person breaches that duty, and you suffer damages as a result. In this case, that person is negligent. 

前提责任 is negligence as it relates to property. 当你在物业上时,业主应以安全的形式对你负有注意义务. 如果他们违反了这个义务,你受到了损害,这就是前提责任.

For your personal injury case, 你需要正规赌足球的软件经验丰富的滑倒事故律师. If you suffered an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, 我们有所有必要的工具和经验来积极地为你的案子辩护. We’re not afraid of jury trials, so we won’t settle for low offers.

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