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在亚利桑那州, the process of filing a claim and receiving compensation for a pedestrian accident can be complex and challenging. Cases often involve both litigation and negotiation from a skilled legal professional. 在正规赌足球的软件, our legal team has plenty of experience and success in helping clients involved in pedestrian accidents in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. 如果你认为你可能需要一位正规赌篮球的软件行人事故律师, 今天就正规赌篮球的软件,了解我们能为您做些什么.

行人事故发生在一个人行走(或跑步)时, 就此而言)被另一种力量打击. 这类事故最常发生在人行横道或停车场, 但可以发生在任何地方,比如人行道或公园, 太. 最常, 上述力量是一种移动的车辆,如汽车或卡车, 但它也可以指任何东西,从自行车甚至是马. 

行人事故会带来严重的,往往是致命的伤害. This is due to the immense difference in the size and power between a human being and a car. If you take into account the size and weight of the average person and compare it to the average car, 哪个至少重4磅,000磅, 两者之间的碰撞可能是毁灭性的. 

在正规赌篮球的软件发生的一起行人事故中,必然会发生诉讼. 无论是司机还是行人的过失, 有些人可能会在必要时寻求法律援助. 这就是为什么重要的是双方都寻求一个 菲尼克斯人身伤害律师 to represent them and protect their interests in a pedestrian accident lawsuit.

一般来说,行人事故大多是司机的过错. 这是因为司机在开车时要遵守更高的标准. They are expected to be on constant alert and ready to react quickly to avoid accidents. 

然而, there are cases where the driver may not be held responsible for an accident. 在某些情况下,可能是行人的过错.

Negligence on the part of the driver commonly occurs when the vehicle operator is preoccupied or distracted while driving. It is crucial to pay attention to your surroundings at all times when driving, 就像你低头看手机或其他东西一样 造成灾难性的后果. If the driver of the vehicle was distracted and caused an accident between themselves and a pedestrian, 他们会被认为是玩忽职守的一方.

Another indicator of liability is if the driver failed to observe or obey the speed limit. 车辆行驶得越快, the more force is behind it and the less time the driver has to slow down if something or someone appears. 因此, 如果车辆与行人发生碰撞, the injuries sustained can be traumatic and the driver will almost always be at fault if he or she is speeding.

Another common cause of these accidents is the driver’s failure to yield the right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks. 没有使用转向灯, 遵守停车灯和停车标志, 以及其他交通法规也会导致行人事故. 最后, 如果驾驶员在驾驶车辆时受到影响, 他们不仅要在民事案件中承担责任, 他们还将面临 亚利桑那州的刑事指控.

To successfully assert negligence on the driver’s part, the injured party must prove the following:

  • 司机对行人负有注意义务.
  • 司机因自己的疏忽而违反了这项义务.
  • They (the injured party) received serious injuries as a result of the driver’s breach of duty. 

Many accidents involving a pedestrian and a vehicle tend to work in the pedestrian’s favor when it comes to fault. 然而,这并不总是确定的. There are some circumstances where a pedestrian may be at fault for an accident between themselves and a vehicle or even between multiple other vehicles. 

例如, negligence and liability may fall on the pedestrian if they recklessly step or dart into heavy traffic and cause a collision. 如果是这样的话, a driver may have no means of avoiding an accident and may either end up hitting the pedestrian, 另一辆车, 或者完全偏离道路. 

不遵守交通信号的行人也是如此. 如果人行横道发出停车信号,司机就可以过马路, 他们无视这个标志, 他们可能要承担一些责任,因为他们没有先行权. 记住这一点很重要, 虽然, 即使行人没有先行权, 一个司机可能不会完全摆脱困境.

A pedestrian may also be liable for any accident they may have caused by not using the intended crosswalk. This is what is commonly known as jaywalking, and it is illegal in most states, including Arizona. 亚利桑那州法案(部分28 - 793) states that pedestrians cannot walk across the middle of the road if there is not a marked crosswalk. 这样做可能会导致他们在发生事故时承担责任.

亚利桑那州行人事故的诉讼时效为两年. 因此,你必须在这段时间内提交你的伤害索赔. To file a claim, you must begin with sending a demand letter to the guilty party’s insurance company. Our personal injury attorneys will ensure the letter is properly written, organized, and sent. 

The demand letter should be just that: a letter demanding compensation for the injuries you received due to their insured party’s negligence. 然而, it’s not as simple and straightforward as a ransom-type note demanding money. There are several things that must be included and properly organized within this letter.

开始, you must clearly establish liability and explain why and how their client is responsible for the injuries you sustained. The letter must also include a detailed description of the accident and a comprehensive list of all the injuries you received. 这些伤害包括身体伤害和精神伤害, 比如情感困扰,痛苦和折磨. 

Next, you’ll want to give proof of the expenses associated with your injuries. 提供你所要求的全部补偿, 以及每项费用的细目,因为它与你的伤害有关. 

最后,你还需要事故的证据. This includes evidence like police reports, witness statements, and pictures of the accident.

在这种情况下,你是司机还是行人, 如果你不是有罪的一方, 你可能会得到你所受伤害的赔偿. 然而, 因为亚利桑那州是一个相对过失州, 损害赔偿金可以根据索赔人的过错程度按比例减少. 这意味着如果陪审团认为双方都有部分过错, 他们会给每个人分配一个百分比, for which they are only responsible for that percentage of fault attributed to them. 

Compensatory damages that the injured party may be able to recover include the following:

  • 医疗账单和费用
    • Includes present and future bills or fees and costs of therapy, rehab, surgery, prescriptions, etc. 
  • 目前和未来的工资损失
  • 财产损失
  • 痛苦和折磨
  • 精神上的痛苦
  • 损失的财团
  • 丧葬费用,如适用


If you sustain injuries in a pedestrian accident, it is important that you seek assistance from an 在正规赌篮球的软件有经验的法律顾问. A pedestrian accident lawyer will assist and guide you through all legal aspects of your case. Many cases like this require serious litigation and negotiation to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve and are entitled to. 是在审判前和解还是在法庭上解决, your attorney will be there every step of the way ensuring you reach your settlement’s full potential. 

Our pedestrian accident lawyers at Ybarra Maldonado Law Group offer aggressive, 无与伦比的表示. We are dedicated to fighting on our clients’ behalf to ensure they receive the best possible outcome for their case. 如果你或你爱的人在一次行人事故中受伤, 打电话给我们著名的正规赌篮球的软件律师 安排您的免费咨询.

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