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An H1B visa is one of the most common ways for foreign nationals to gain work experience in the United States. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree or higher is able to apply for an H1B visa. This visa will allow people from different countries to work in the U.S. 三到六年. Many people seek international career opportunities, and this is one way for them to access that. At 正规赌足球的软件, we specialize in immigration services, especially for our Spanish speaking communities. In this post, our experienced legal team will explain how to find companies that sponsor H1B visas. 如果你希望在美国生活和工作.S. 或寻求更多正规赌篮球的软件H1B过程的信息,请继续阅读. We’ll answer your questions and provide you with a thorough guide for how to find companies that sponsor H1B. 

如果你正在寻找赞助H1B的公司, 你应该首先了解这种签证的基本知识. 的 H1B is a nonim移民 visa made available to people from around the world who meet the proper 资格. 我们将在下面分解这些条件. 该签证授予非美国公民进入美国的能力.S. 并获得工作签证.

的 H1B visa program went into effect with the “移民 Act of 1990.“它的初衷是帮助美国.S. 科技公司正在解决劳动力短缺问题. 的 program allowed companies to hire nonim移民 workers on a temporary basis to fill the open roles in areas like engineering and tech. 的 program is still in effect, with some of the nation’s largest employers using it. 

H1B状态, an individual can reside in the United States for an initial period of three years. However, it’s also possible to extend the period for an additional three years, for a total of six. Regardless of whether a foreign national seeks employment in the U.S. for three or six years, an H1B visa can assist in furthering their professional career. 这也可能是一个好的开始 获得永久签证 (绿卡). 

要获得H1B签证,你必须满足某些标准. Foreign nationals must provide legitimate educational credentials. This must be a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a college or university or its foreign equivalent. 也, 他们必须提供任何学位, 资格, or certificates that show a deep knowledge of the role they are applying for. 

Individuals seeking H1B status must also have a company or employer willing to sponsor them. 的 employer will need to file the H1B petition on behalf of the foreign national applying for sponsorship. 的 sponsoring company or employer must also prove that there is a lack of U.S. 申请该职位的公民. 

的 United States Citizenship and 移民 Services (USCIS) requires that American companies sponsor noncitizens. Companies who are having trouble filling roles in their business often turn to sponsoring a nonim移民 worker by use of the H1B Visa.

为了让公司资助一个工人, they must petition on behalf of the worker for them to obtain their H1B visa. 的 position that they’re offering must be in a “specialty occupation.” This means that the job requires the use of specialized knowledge in order to successfully carry out the duties of the position. 

Roles for a specialty occupation include but are not limited to:

  • 会计师
  • 架构师
  • 商业人士
  • 牙医
  • 工程师
  • 金融分析师
  • 外国法律顾问
  • 卫生保健工作者
  • 它/计算机专业人员
  • 记者和编辑
  • 律师
  • 管理顾问
  • 市场研究分析师
  • 护士
  • 医生 
  • 心理学家
  • 科学家们
  • 外科医生
  • 系统分析员
  • 老师
  • 技术出版物的作家
  • 大学教授 

This is not a comprehensive list of the occupations that offer H1B visas. As long as the position meets the criteria for a specialty occupation, 他们可以通过H1B签证担保外国公民.


Finding a company to sponsor an H1B visa may seem like a challenging task for foreign nationals. 但无论大小企业都提供H1B机会. Deciding whether it’s best to apply for a large or small firm is one of the more difficult decisions of the process. 

Both small and large firms understand the importance of hiring foreign-based talent. 的re are several small businesses that sponsor H1B visas in the United States. However, these companies are often more difficult to connect with. 大公司, 然而, often have better established programs for hiring foreign nationals through H1B status. 

的 need for talent from foreign nationals is especially great in tech-related areas. Silicon Valley is a popular destination for many of these individuals, 因为它拥有一些世界上最大的科技公司. 


If you are curious whether a certain employer offers H1B status, 美国移民局提供了一个全面的数据库. 的 H1B雇主数据中心 提供2009 - 2020财政年度的相关数据. This data includes all employers who have submitted H1B petitions to employ nonim移民 workers. 的 database provides the initial decisions for petitions made by the USCIS and whether they approved or denied them. 也, you’re able to search by employer name, state, city, zip code, fiscal year, and NAICS code.


If you’re seeking to obtain an H1B visa or have any further questions, contact our experienced 正规赌篮球的软件的移民律师 今天. At 正规赌足球的软件, we are familiar with all the ins and outs of the visa process. We will help ensure your paperwork meets USCIS’s requirements and that you’re on the right track to entering the United States. 欲知详情,请致电或发短信至 .  

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