杀人是严重的罪行,后果严重. 如果你在正规赌篮球的软件被控谋杀, 无论是车祸杀人还是其他类型的谋杀案件, 你应该尽快联系一位有经验的正规赌篮球的软件凶杀案律师. 联系她Maldonado & 今天的Alagha法律小组. 在被指控暴力犯罪后, 我们有专业知识, 能力, 以及成功地追求最好结果的经验. 打电话给我们 凤凰刑事辩护 办公室在今天 或者填写我们的在线入学表格.


Regardless of the outcome of the charges, homicide involves the taking of a human life. 美国的每个州.S. 有不同类型的分类,但许多有相似之处. 以下是四种最常见的类别.
  • 过失杀人: 过失杀人是亚利桑那州法律规定的一种非故意杀人罪, 哪一种罪行比过失杀人或谋杀低. If you inadvertently cause the death of another person due to criminal carelessness, 你可能会被起诉过失杀人.
  • 杀人: 根据亚利桑那州的法律, manslaughter involves one of the following: recklessly causing the death of another person, 在一时冲动或争吵中故意杀害某人, 或者帮助他人自杀.
  • 二级谋杀: Someone causes the death of another person with the intention of doing so, but without premeditation. 一个人的行为表现出对人的生命全然不顾, 或者不顾后果地参与造成相当大的死亡危险的行为, 导致另一个人死亡.
  • 一级谋杀: 有人有杀人的意图或意识到他们的行为会导致死亡. 它们的活动导致另一人或多人死亡. 他们提前计划好了杀戮.


First- and second-degree murder, manslaughter, and negligent homicide are all classified as homicide. A murder accusation indicates that the defendant murdered someone with the purpose or premeditation to do so, 而过失杀人则表明被告没有这种意图. 预谋不仅包括谋杀他人的欲望, 但也知道被告会这么做. 根据你面临的指控,潜在的惩罚有很大的不同.


Criminal negligence is defined as failing to behave with reasonable caution or to recognize evident hazards associated with your conduct. Negligent homicide is a Class 4 felony that carries a minimum of one year in prison and a maximum of 3.初犯被判75年监禁. 第二次犯罪最高可判处7年监禁.5年. 无论如何,你将失去你的持械执照并有犯罪记录.


这是一项二级重罪. 它总是被认为是危险的重罪. The following are the ranges of punishments depending on current and past convictions, if applicable.
  • A first crime has a minimum sentence of 7 years in prison, a presumptive sentence of 10.5年,最高可判21年监禁.
  • 如果一个人有过严重的重罪指控, 最高刑期为14年, 至少要判14年, 推定刑期为15.75年,最高可判28年监禁.
  • 如果该人之前有过两次严重的重罪, 最低强制性刑期为21年, 其推定刑期为28年, 最高刑期为35年.


二级谋杀不如一级谋杀严重, 但这仍然会带来严重的犯罪后果. If you are found guilty of second-degree murder, you will face the following consequences.
  • 至少10年监禁
  • 可能被判16年监禁
  • 最高22年监禁
不会因为表现良好而提前释放或休假, 因此,这些数字是每天的刑期.


一级谋杀是这个州最严重的谋杀类型, 这是一种被归类为一级重罪的犯罪. The felony murder rule is another manner in which a person might be prosecuted with first-degree murder. A person can be charged with first-degree murder if he or she kills another person as a result of committing a specific felony stated in the legislation. 以下是这些罪行的例子.
  • 抢劫 
  • 绑架
  • 纵火
  • 猥亵儿童
  • 性侵犯
  • 逃避执法
  • 终身监禁,没有释放的可能. 直到被告在监狱里服刑25年.
  • 终身监禁,不得假释.
  • 死刑


根据亚利桑那州的法律,杀人被定义为杀害另一个人. It’s one of the most serious criminal accusations you or a loved one may face for obvious reasons. 亚利桑那州的一桩杀人案造成了严重的后果, and the state frequently seeks the death sentence for many first-degree murder cases. Educating oneself about Arizona homicide laws and enlisting the help of an experienced 杀人的律师 will increase your chances of a favorable outcome. 下面,我们包括一些常见的辩护上面列出的指控.


This is a broad defense in which you question the quality and veracity of the evidence presented against you. You claim that the prosecution has failed to fulfill its burden of showing that you committed the alleged offense beyond a reasonable doubt. 例如, 如果警方的调查很糟糕, you should criticize the evidence as a sloppy police investigation’s dubious consequence. 此外,研究可能是不完整的. 有可能警察忽略了更多的证据或怀疑. 也许警察忘了检查一些关键的证据. You may also wish to engage an independent expert where there is scientific forensic evidence, 如DNA, 枪支, 指纹, 或者犯罪现场重建. This neutral expert can examine the evidence and offer their own opinions in opposition to the prosecution’s expert judgments.


A defendant might petition the court to offer a jury instruction to aid the defense if the police or prosecution lost, 摧毁了, 或者忽视了保存对案件问题至关重要的证据. 陪审团可以考虑关键证据丢失的事实, 摧毁了, or not maintained as a possible reasonable doubt about the defendant’s guilt under this instruction.


谋杀是一种动机不受影响的犯罪. 然而, 如果一个人被指控谋杀,但没有杀人的动机, 陪审团在决定是否给你定罪时可能会考虑这一点. 如果目击者认错了你, 你要质疑控方的身份证据. According to studies, eyewitness testimony is one of the least trustworthy types of evidence.


When the prosecutor tries to prove that you are guilty of a crime because you were an accessory to another person who did the crime, 你可以利用这个防御. 然而, simply being present at a crime scene or knowing that a crime was being committed does not automatically make you guilty of the accusation. 一个被动的观察者是那些仅仅在现场的人. This indicates that the individual had no criminal intent and did not take part in the crime. You should raise an alibi defense if you have proof or a witness who can attest that you were someplace else at the time the crime was committed. An alibi defense establishes that you were not there at the time and location of the offense. 因此,你不可能是罪犯.


A third-party responsibility argument is similar to an alibi defense in that both argue that the defendant did not conduct the crime. 第三方责任抗辩, 另一方面, 声称有证据将某人(第三方)与该罪行联系起来. If there is a reasonable doubt that you were there at the time and place the crime was committed, 陪审团必须判你无罪. A jury must find you not guilty under a third-party responsibility defense if there is a reasonable doubt that you committed the offense because it might have been done by a third party.


当你使用因果关系辩护时, 你是说你的行为不是导致另一个人死亡的原因. A brawl breaks out at a party, for example, and two individuals discharge their firearms. 每个人的枪都会射出一颗子弹,打伤前面的人. 然而, 一颗子弹击中了那个人的非致命部位, 而另一枚击中了此人的致命位置. Only the individual who fired the 枪支hot that killed the victim should face charges of murder.


正当辩护是几种辩护的名称. 当你确实造成了另一个人的死亡但又有正当理由这样做的时候, 你应该使用正当防卫. 自卫, 对第三人的辩护, 预防犯罪(仅针对章节中提到的特定犯罪) A.R.S. 13-411)是最普遍的理由辩护. 如果你声称你的行为是正当的, 控方必须排除合理怀疑,证明你没有.


一个人因精神错乱而有罪,如果, 在犯罪现场, he or she was suffering from a mental illness that led them to be unaware that what they were doing was wrong. 它排除了诸如性格缺陷之类的疾病, 性心理障碍, 和冲动控制障碍, 是由故意醉酒或戒除酒精或药物引起的. 因为许多人患有精神疾病或吸毒成瘾问题, 但他们仍然能分辨是非, 这种防守比较难表现出来.


When you face homicide charges, regardless of the categorization, the stakes are high. 你必须确保你的律师具有必要的专业知识, 能力, 以及法律上的理解,为你提供最好的辩护. 根据亚利桑那州的法律,每种形式的凶杀都有自己的定义和要素. 然而,事实如何符合立法可能是相当具体的. That is why it is critical to have an experienced murder attorney on your side to guarantee that the prosecution is not abusing its authority by charging you with homicide.


We have defended people accused with different murder charges throughout Arizona at Ybarra Maldonado & Alagha法律团体. 使用各种技术和防御, 我们已经获得了无罪释放和无罪判决. Our homicide defense experience is extensive, and our track record in the legal world is well-known. 如果你或你的爱人面临谋杀指控, 请与我们联系,了解我们如何能为您提供帮助. 今天打电话到我们正规赌篮球的软件的办公室 或者填写我们的在线入学表格.